Parts of speech

A simple sentence is made by the parts of speech. For example : "He is a boy".
 "He" is pronoun.
 "is"  Verb
 "a" article
 "boy" is noun.
There are all the parts of speech those are used in a simple sentence.
There numbers are eight (8) but due to articles these are counted as nine (9).

Note: Now we'll study all the parts with complete detail.

1.   Noun

The  name of anything like : Place , Man , Thing.......  etc. is called noun.


For example :       " Asif is name of a boy".

So we can say that it is noun.

"Karachi" is place that's why it is also a noun.

"Chair" is a name of any thing.   etc.

 These are all noun.

 We can prove it with the help of a sentence.  

"Ali is buying a new book from the bazaar".

In this sentence there are three nouns.

1. Ali

2. Book

3. Bazaar

Types of Noun

there are some common types of noun.

Common noun

Proper noun

Collective noun

Verbal noun

Compound noun

Abstract noun

Concrete noun

Countable noun

Uncountable noun

Common Noun:

                                                                                       Common noun is type of noun in which common types of names are  studied. If we use the word "Chair". Then we make a lot of chairs in our mind. That's why it is called common noun. In other words we can say that any thing which is not special for us is called common noun.


Note:    I just want to make you learn. Everyone can not seek any thing from definitions. Because some time definitions can not explain the interior part of the sentence.

For example:  He saw a dog.

                              It is book.

                              I have two homes.


In these examples "dog" is common noun. Because there are a lot of dog in the world. When we say that " A dog" then automatically our mind gain the knowledge of dog but not a specific dog because we did not say "A hunting dog or Hounds " It is Common noun. 

"Book "




"room"  etc 

these are all common nouns.

Proper Noun:

                                                       Proper noun is the reciprocal of common noun. It means that a special place or any especial name is called Proper noun. For example when we imagine about Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah then automatically his face is created in our mind. He was the only one that's why his name is Proper noun. It is not required for Proper noun that it must be a famous or notorious name. The condition is that the name should me special. 

Like: Aslam , Akbar , Karachi , Lahore , Multan , Abid Muneer..... etc. These are all proper noun due to there different identities.

Note:  When ever we write Proper noun.  We'll use first character in uppercase  of every word.

 For Example:    Quaid-i-Azam's tomb is in Karachi.

                                   Allama Muhammad Iqbal is our national poet.

                                   I love Quran.

                                   Aslam is a boy.

                                   Karachi is one of the biggest city in Pakistan.

Underlined words are proper noun because they are having there famous identities.


     Some important and common used proper nouns are as given below:

Karachi , Quaid-i-Azam , Allama Muhammad Iqbal , Aslam , Akbar , The Holy Quran .............. etc.

Collective Noun:

                                                                         Collective noun is used to define a group of things , People.... etc. It means to say that when a lot of things can not be counted in parts. Then we use Collective noun to combine them all and we give that group a name. This type of noun is called collective noun.  For example: class  room , Home , Army , Hospital. etc...

A class room is consisted on many things like teacher,students,desks,chairs,fans,book......... etc.We can not explain all the things at once. That's why we use collective noun to combine them all and generate a single name. 

 For example :          "Ali is sitting in the class room".

 "Ali" is proper noun.

" Class room" is collective noun.


                                       "Army is fighting for his country".

"Army" is collective noun. Because army is consist of many things and men. 

"country" is common noun.

"Army" is collective noun.

Verbal Noun:

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